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Where to Sell Your Chicken

Where to sell your chickens in Nairobi

If you have started rearing or thinking of starting rearing chicken, the most important question is where do you sell your birds and for how much?

For most, this is a daunting aspect that can make or break your business plan. The bottom line is that People in Nairobi  and other Kenyan urban areas do not farm and they somehow have to buy all the meat they need. The market is there, it is just not streamlined and you might need to think outside the box to actually get access to it. Dont be afraid to join forces with other farmers who are in the same dilemma about the market.

I have done some sketchy observations on the chicken meat/live bird distribution in Nairobi. Nairobi because this is where the biggest market is, you will find that most of the rural dwellers do actually have a few birds which they keep for their happy occasions.

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First, the road side sellers are a good supply chain.

Secondly, if you live near Nairobi, for instance Thika or Kiambu dont be afraid to approach Hotels and offer them free delivery. They will need you to supply a sample before they can order.

Thirdly, approach butcheries, they might be willing to stock chicken if you can deliver on a regular basis as per their needs. Whilst one butcher might only be willing to buy 10 chickens a day, 10 butchers on the same area each buying 10 chicken a day amounts to 700 chickens a week. If you are aiming to sell chicken on a regular basis, you would need to reflect this on your growth cycle. For instant if you make one delivery a week of 100 birds, you should be have approx 120 day old chicks every week to ensure the continuity of the supply.

A day old chick from Muguku goes for 78 shilling and 80 shillling for the Kenchick type - these mature in 5-6 weeks. They weigh around 1.2 - 1.8 kgs when slaughtered depending on the feeding

The dorep and Kenbro type mature at 6-8 weeks and can weigh up to 5 kilos depending on how you feed them. One day old chick goes for 90 shillings and if you dont get a market at 2 months you can grow them to layers. They would start laying at 5 months if well fed. They lay until they are 18 months old when ideally you would sell them for meat.