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About Us

With machines in  Kenya and East Africa, BESTHATCH INCUBATORS has established itself as a primary supplier to wholesalers and farmers in:

  • commercial poultry incubators
  • small flocks incubators

We are Kenya's only egg incubators manufacturer with collection points all over Kenya.

We are Dealers in imported and Local incubators in Kenya and East Africa.

We are the best incubator Shop in Kenya with qualified technicians who have great knowledge in Incubator Repairs.

Who We Are

BestHatch Incubators is a leading Supplier of egg incubators, feeders, drinkers and other poultry equipment. In addition, we hatch and sell day old; week old; month chicks, chicken meat and fertilized eggs. Having a passion for farming and an engineering background, we started making incubators for easy and convenient chicken production.

BestHatch Incubators was started in June 2012 in attempt to encourage the use of modern poultry farming practices by farmers to increase the profitability of their businesses and promote poultry farming in Kenya especially on commercial basis.

Our Mission

BestHatch Incubators was formed with the mission of using technology to enhance poultry farming. The initial target market is hobbists, small-scale and medium-scale poultry farmers who are interested in keeping Kienyeji chicken. Our potential is directed towards exploiting the market on poultry farming by introducing reliable and efficient technologies.

Our Vision

The company has a vision to establish the reputation of being the most reliable supplier of quality poultry equipment in East, Central and Southern Africa. To achieve this, BestHatch Incubators intends to diversify its business portfolio to include supply of egg incubators, other poultry equipment and also trade in poultry products like hatching services, poultry meat, chicks and eggs.

More Information

We are a dedicated company willing to serve our customers,always available seven days a week.We are one of the Best Incubator Companies In Kenya.